The Tri-Grace Ministries Israel Tour is NOT your average, ordinary, Israel Tour. We have gone out of our way to make our tours absolutely unique. We are NOT saying our tour is better than all other tours, but it is very different than the typical Israel tours we have observed.  We have attempted to create the type of tour we would want if we were looking for an Israel tour. So, what makes our tours different?


The TGM Trip Fee is $2,950. per person.

Expenses covered by the trip fee are:

- The Jerusalem Apartments

- All meals (breakfast, lunch, & dinner)

- All the tour Bus Costs

- All the Archaeological Park entrance fees.

[Basically ALL of the Tour expenses are covered from the time each person arrives at the apartments in Jerusalem until the tour ends and everyone heads back home.]


Flights & Travel expenses to and from Jerusalem - $800-$1200 approx

Trip/Health Insurance - Approx $75-$100

Snacks and Sovenirs - $0-$500


Each tour member is responsible to find and purchase their own flights. We will gladly assist anyone who needs help finding flights.  

Departure flights from the USA

You will need to Depart:

From the USA no later than Sunday, May 20, and arrive at Ben Gurion International airport, in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Monday, May 21 no later than 6:00 PM.

Return flights from Israel:

Depart from Tel Aviv very late at night on Monday, June 4 or very early in the morning on Tuesday, June 5. The best flights depart between midnight and 2 AM on Tuesday the 5th of June.

The Cheapest Flights?

You will want to find the largest International airport as close to your home as possible. Large International Airports, such as LAX, Chicago, Atlanta, or Newark will have the cheapest flights. Shop around and you will get the best prices.


Smaller Group Sizes - We try to limit the size our our groups to about 30 people. Smaller groups make for a much more intimate tour where each person can learn more about the Bible and get to know each other better. Many lifelong friendship are made on our tours.

100% Biblically Based Tours - We want our tour groups to experience as much of the Bible as they can in a two week time frame. We don't go to the non-biblical tourist trap sites.

An Off-The-Beaten-Path Tour - We visit many Biblical sites that virtually no other tour groups ever visit. We explore out of the way places and at times even crawl into ancient caves where Israelites used to hide from their enemies.

More Biblical Sites - We believe our tours visit more Biblical sites than most, if not all, other two week tours. In thirteen days we will explore about 50 different Biblical sites.

Highly Trained Tour Leaders - For the past 10 years, Chip has been trained by Biblical Archaeologist Joel Kramer to lead the TGM tours. Joel Kramer lives in Israel/Jordan and has received his degree in Archaeology from the University of the Holy Land, located in Old City Jerusalem. Chip and Joel have teamed up to provide a tour that blends Biblical history, geography, and the archaeology of each site to prove the trustworthiness of the Bible.  


We will warn you that on this tour we MOVE! If you are not in extremely good physical condition, in-other-words if you cannot walk at least 2 to 3 miles a day, you should not even consider joining this tour. Don't lose heart if you are an older person. We have taken a number of elderly folks in their 70's - but they were exceptionally active for their age. These Sr. Chistians also, at times, opted out of certain sites that were too much of a challenge for them.


We go to biblical sites in Bethlehem, Jericho, Hebron, Nablus, and Ramala. All of these are Palestinian controlled West Bank sites. This is the primary reason we see sites that virtually no other tours get to see. We have, on rare occasions, found ourselves in the midst of some interestingly tense sitiuations. In ten years of touring, however, none of these situations have restricted us from going to any of the sites on our tour schedule. We have a trusted and respected Arab bus driver named Abu Ali who looks after us like a shepherd. Both Joel and Abu Ali have their pulse on the tensions in the West Bank and will advise us if a site is not safe for tourists.


If you love adventure and are looking for the Israel Tour of a lifetime, we believe the Tri-Grace Israel Tour is the way to go. Jamie and I love Israel and would cherish the privilege of sharing the wonders the Holy Land with you.


Including travel days, the TGM Tour runs from: May 20 to June 5, 2018.

This is a two week tour with 13 full tour days and one free day to explore Jerusalem on your own.

In our two week tour, we will take the group to visit about 50 different Biblical sites.

View the 2018 tour schedule below:

Depart USA on Sunday, May 20 – Arrive in Israel on Monday evening, May 21 (arrive in Tel Aviv, Israel no later than 6:00 PM)

Tour Day 1 – Tuesday, May 22 – The City of David – Begin at the Israel Museum, then to the City of David excavations, walk through Hezekiah’s Aqueduct, visit the Tomb of King David

Tour Day 2 – Wednesday, May 23 – Old City Jerusalem – Start with the Temple Mount, then the Pools of Bethesda where Jesus healed a lame man, then Jerusalem Archaeological Park, conclude the day with the Western (Wailing) Wall & Tunnel tour,.

Tour Day 3 – Thursday, May 24 – Jericho – Begin the day with the Judean Wilderness & Saint George Monastery, Then to N.T. Jericho & O.T. Jericho  where the walls did indeed come tumbling down, then to En Gedi where David and his mighty men hid from King Saul, then to the Dead Sea for a swim, conclude the day with a hike to Qumran Cave #1 where the Great Isaiah Scroll was discovered.

Tour Day 4 – Friday, May 25 – Gibeon – Begin the day at Gibeon, then to Luz/Bethel, then Ai—2nd city conquered by Joshua, conclude the day at Birch Beitin/true Bethel

Tour Day 5 – Saturday, May 26 – The Svelah/Judean Hills – Start with a visit to Azekah to get a panoramic view of  the Valley of Elah where the Battle of David and Goliath happened, then hike to the Elah Fortress to finish the story of David and Goliath, then to the Hiding Caves, conclude the day with a visit to Lachish the 2nd most important city in O.T. Judah.

FREE DAY 6 – Sunday, May 27 – Personal Jerusalem Day – Explore the Old City of Jerusalem, or visit Lazaria where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, or explore Zedekiah’s Cave also known as Solomon’s Quarries, or visit the Garden Tomb where evangelicals remember the resurrection of Christ, or walk the Ramparts walk on top of the Wall of the Old City of Jerusalem, or shop, or sleep, or do laundry, or whatever you want to do.

Tour Day 7 – Monday, May 28 – TO GALILEE -- On the way to Galilee stop at Beth Shean, then to Capernaum on the Sea of Galilee, then to the Jordan River and Bethsaida, conclude the day with a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee and our evening meal in Tiberius.

Tour Day 8 – Tuesday, May 29 – To Northern Israel – Begin the day with a visit to Hazor—the capitol city of the Canaanites, then to Tel Dan Archaeological Park, conclude the day at Caesarea Philippi where the “Gates of Hell” were located.

Tour Day 9 – Wednesday, May 30 – To the Mediterranean – Begin with a stop at Nazareth— the location of the 2nd oldest church in the world, then to Megiddo and a tomb like that of Jesus, then to Caesarea and the Roman Aqueduct, then head back to our apartment in Jerusalem.

Tour Day 10 Thursday, May 31 – Samaria – Begin the day with a visit to Jacob’s well where Jesus met with the Samaritan woman, then to Shechem (2nd most mentioned site in the Bible), then to Samaria—capitol city of Northern Israel, conclude the day on top of Mount Gerizim, IF there is time we will stop at Shiloh on our way home.

Tour Day 11 – Friday, June 1 – Philistine Day – Begin the day at Gezer, then Ashkelon Beach where we can explore, relax and swim, then to Gath—home town of Goliath

Tour Day 12 – Saturday, June 2 – Jesus Day – Begin by visiting the Church of the Nativity/the place where Jesus was born (great souvenir shopping at the olive wood shops), Then to the Mount of Olives and a walk down the Mount of Olives to Gethsemene, then to the tomb of Annas the High Priest, then to the Stone Pavement where Jesus was tried by Pilate, then to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Tour Day 13 – Sunday, June 3 – Hebron – Begin the day with a visit to the Hebron Glass Shop (great souvenir shopping), then to Mamre, then the Cave of Machpelah/Tomb of the Patriarchs— where Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are buried, then to the Potter’s Shop (also great souvenir shopping), then to Tel Hebron where David ruled as King of Judah for 7 years

Tour Day 14 – Monday, June 4 – Final Israel Day – Conclude the TGM Israel Tour at the Ancient Synagogue on Mt. Zion. This is your final day to do your final shopping, pack, and explore Jerusalem. NOTE: HOUSING NOT PROVIDED THIS NIGHT.

Tuesday, June 5—Arrive back in USA