Tri-Grace Ministries produces materials to educate Christians and provide tools to effectively reach Mormons for Christ, such as Witness to Mormons in Love, witnessing DVDs, and witnessing visual aids & tracts.

Witness to Mormons in Love: The Mormon Scrapbook, Revised Edition

The newest addition to our Tri-Grace resources page is Witness to Mormons in Love—The Mormon Scrapbook (Revised Edition).  It is a practical guide that will teach you about Mormonism and then train you to effectively witness to your Mormon friends and loved ones.  Written by Chip Thompson, Executive Director of TGM, the techniques this book provide have been proven effective through the evangelistic experience of over 20 years of ministry in Utah.

Witnessing DVDs ($5.47 - 10.00 each)

Want digital training and witnessing tools? Tri-Grace uses and promotes this list of videos for both training biblical Christians and witnessing to members of the LDS Church. Some of these videos are available for purchase, and some are available for free viewing.

Visual Aids & Tracts (FREE)

After 20 years of ministry in Ephraim, we want to offer free PDF downloads of all of TGM’s Visual Aids & Tracts to help you with your witnessing efforts to Mormons.  

Video Tutorials (FREE)

The purpose of the TGM video tutorials is to train a person how to use our FREE Visual aids.  They are designed to help you understand exactly how each one of our visual aids would work in a one on one conversation with an LDS person.