Printing Instructions:

1. Check paper size needed for printing the visual aid

RED = Letter size

BLUE = Legal size

2. Print page 1

3. Re-insert printed page into printer’s paper tray

4. Print page 2.

Folding Instructions:

2-Step Aids

1. Begin with “Points to Consider” on your left.

2. Fold the right edge to meet the left edge and crease the folded edge.

3. Number “2.” should be in the lower right corner.

4. Fold the top edge backward meeting the lower edge and crease the folded edge.

5. Turn the quartered page over and number “1.” should be in the lower right corner.

6. This is where you begin the 2-step visual.

4-Step Aids

1. Turn your page horizontal(landscape) with the number “4.” in the lower right corner.

2. Turn the page over so that the text reads correctly.

3. Fold the right edge to meet the left edge and crease the folded edge.

4. Number “2.” should be in the lower right corner.

5. Fold the top edge backward meeting the lower edge and crease the folded edge.

6. Turn the quartered page over and number “1.” should be in the lower right corner.

7. This is where you begin the 4-step visual.

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Because the LDS Church teaches that any material from a source other than the LDS Church itself is spiritual pornography, most Mormons will not willingly take a tract. If, however, a biblical Christian engages a Mormon in conversation (whether a stranger or a relationship being built), a Mormon is often willing to look at a visual aid. Many times, at the close of a dialogue, a Mormon is willing to take the visual aid with them for later review.

This is what we at Tri-Grace Ministries call scattering seed. In Matthew 13, known as The Parable of the Sower, God charges us, biblical Christians, with scattering seed. The sower in the parable is not careful where he is sowing seed, he is just doing his job... covering as much ground as possible... scattering seed EVERYWHERE. When we share the biblical Gospel through visual aids, we are planting seeds in the hearts of the lost. This is why we offer these priceless seeds to you free! We want you to scatter the seeds of the Gospel with reckless abandon to Mormons.

To download/print a visual aid, click the name of the visual aid to download a printable PDF. (See the INSTRUCTIONS section in the navigation bar to the left regarding printing and folding instructions.) For online Visual Aid Tutorials, click HERE.

Witness to Mormons in Love


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Reference Guides (Download and print first)

    CH 1-8- Attitude & Doctrine of God- Ref Guide.pdf

    CH 9-12- Doctrines of Salvation- Ref. Guide.pdf

    CH 13, 14-Prophet Problems- Ref. Guide.pdf

Chapter 1: Getting Started

    The Articles of Faith of Christianity.pdf

    Suicide - Unhappy In Utah_bw.pdf

    Book of Mormon Translation from a Hat.pdf

Chapter 2: The LDS Scriptures

   The Plain and Precious Truths Visual.pdf

    Reliability of the New Testament Text.pdf

    4 Reasons Why the BoM Should be Correct.pdf

    Who took the D out of the D&C.pdf

    Bible is the Word of God as far as it is Translated Correctly.pdf

Chapter 3: Preparing to Witness

    Heavenly Father's Plan of Salvation.pdf

Chapter 4: Dealing with Feelings

    2-Step LDS Testimony Visual.pdf

Chapter 5: Doctrine of God

   Truth About God Visual.pdf

Chapter 6: Thinking About God

    The Trinity Diagram .pdf

    Back Door to the Trinity.pdf

    4 Step Moroni 8.18.pdf

Chapter 7: The LORD God

Chapter 8: LDS “Proof Texts” for Plural gods?

Chapter 9: The Doctrine of Salvation

   The Gospel Truth.pdf

    Eternal Life Diagram (PaulsGospel).pdf

    Eternal Life Diagram (LucifersGospel).pdf

Chapter 10: Thinking About Salvation

Chapter 11: Gospel Topics

    Miracle of Forgiveness Reference Guide.pdf

    True to the Faith Reference Guide.pdf

    Gospel Principles Reference Guide.pdf

Chapter 12: Other Important LDS Topics

    Truth About the Restored Gospel.pdf

    4 Step Eternal Marriage.pdf

Chapter 13: Prophet Problems

    Joseph Smith's First Vision.pdf

    34 Wives of Joseph Smith.pdf

    Biblical Tests of a Prophet.pdf

    4 Step Boasting.pdf

Chapter 14: The Church of Jesus Christ VS Jesus Christ

    4 Step Eternal Marriage.pdf

    4 Step Words of Jesus.pdf

   The Jesus Survey.pdf

    Ordained is NOT Synonymous with Priesthood.pdf

    The Jesus Challenge.pdf

    Mormonism and Racism.pdf


     Survey- Relative Truth

     Bible Survey



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