The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints qualifies as a cult because it presents itself as a Christian faith group while contradicting many teachings of Jesus Christ, and as a result, endangers the salvation of its own members and weakens the Christian religion.

The 3 main goals of Tri-Grace's counter-cult ministry are:

1.  to warn God's people about the dangers and deception of The Church or Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

2.  to train God's people to discern between truth and error and defend their biblical faith.

3.  to mobilize God's people to resist the advance of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and lead Mormons into a personal saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

The 3 main ways we seek to accomplish these goals:

1. EVANGELISM: Not only do we pursue personal and corporate opportunities for outreach, but we host and organize mission teams from churches, colleges, and families across the country.

2. RESOURCES: Tri-Grace produces materials to educate Christians and designs custom tracts to be used when witnessing to Mormons.

3. TRAINING: We offer seminars at churches and colleges across the nation, along with witness training to incoming mission teams, in order to prepare and mobilize Christians for outreach to Mormons.  If you are interested in scheduling a training please fill out the form below with the subject: TRAINING REQUEST.


Every June, approximately 75,000 Mormons attend the Manti Miracle Pageant at the Manti, UT LDS temple (10 min south of TGM) where 100’s of Christian missionaries gather for outreach to Mormons.



Tri-Grace is involved with evangelism throughout the year, including but not limited to church ministry, temple outreach, campus outreach and street evangelism.